Take action

Every small action counts. Some people may not believe that this is the case, but they would be wrong. While the effect of a single action you take to reduce your environmental impact will be small in isolation, as humans we then communicate our actions to others. Before you know it, your influence will have caused those around you to start to change too. Therefore, every action matters.

Take action now

How can you take action?​

They are many ways to act for the climate.

  • You can start at home, changing your food habits and reducing your waste.
  • You can raise awareness by sharing on social media platforms news about climate change to your family and friends.
  • You can do more, by volunteering for NGOs.
  • You can also compensate for your C02 emissions and reach carbon neutrality by supporting green projects.

All actions matter. Choose the ones which suit you. And don’t forget to communicate your actions.